Worried about festive binging? Here are a few tips

It’s that time of the year again! With Navratri around the corner and Diwali right on its heels, we know just what to look forward to – enthusiastic family gatherings, crazy celebrations, and sweets galore. And that means binging on high-calorie, fat-rich foods that mess up your weight chart.

But don’t let that thought mar your festive spirit! Here are a few ways you can still enjoy the spirit of celebrations, without worrying about gaining weight.

1) Eat dessert in 3 bites

Here’s the golden rule of eating sweet – take 3 bites. That’s because the first bite tastes the best, the third is the finisher and everything in between tastes the same. So relish these 3 bites and you’re less likely to overindulge.

2) Don’t build your hunger

Going hungry to save space for a big meal? Don’t! Keeping your stomach empty only increases the craving for heavier, fatty foods. So nibble on dry fruits and light bites until you’re ready to savour the festive feast.

3) Don’t give up after a cheat meal

What usually happens is you make up your mind to not even touch a sweet. But as soon as the first kaju katri hits your tongue, you let go of control and dive into the mithai box. It’s better to allow yourself a few treats, in exchange for eating healthy through the rest of the day.

4) Eat the heavy stuff, last

Not all festive food is bad for your health. Treat yourself to the healthier items from a festive meal, so that by the time you reach the calorie-rich stuff, you’re almost full. It will save you the struggle of controlling your taste buds, without making you feel guilty.

5) Be a food smuggler

Lastly, when you visit your relatives, they are bound to serve tempting, delicious food that’s bound to show on your weighing scale. Smuggle in a few healthy snacks so that you don’t have to rely solely on what’s being offered.

Now you know how to enjoy the festivities without the added weight! So lighten up, and keep the holiday binge restricted to the fun, not food.