Winter super-foods in your kitchen

‘Tis the season of cold and flu and bouts of sneezing. The romantic winter also unfortunately means a lower immunity. However, making sure you include some of these super-foods hiding in your kitchen, in your daily diet can help you fight the winter blues!


The good old ‘Gur’ is rich in anti oxidants and heaps of vitamins and minerals. It helps keep your body warm and also helps fight against infections. Substitute sugar with jaggery in your favorite drinks and let the natural way boost your immunity.

Almonds & walnuts:

Great as a mid-morning snack and even better for your health. Top your salads off with
some crushed almonds and walnuts, eat them raw, crush them in your milkshake… so many ways to include them in your diet.


A steaming cup of adrak wali chai is not just therapeutic it also has an antibacterial effect.
Feel a cold coming on? Listen to what grand mum says help yourself to a cup of ginger tea. Ginger can also help soothe an upset tummy and prevent nausea.


The winters herald the arrival of the humble gooseberry . Sour and sharp,  it’s abundant in
nutrients and packed with the power of Vitamin C.  Rich in anti-oxidants, Amlas are
also known to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Would you like to know about more super-foods for the winter? Let us know and we’ll
do a series 2 as a followup to this post! In the meanwhile, stay warm and stay

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