Western Vs Indian

It’s not easy to decide what clothes to wear. Choosing a style for yourself is all the more difficult.

The biggest question and ongoing debate is around whether we should go for traditional Indian clothes or western wear. Let’s take a look at the merits of each.
The first aspect to consider is globalisation. With the world becoming a smaller place every day, cultures are mixing and giving way to a mass widely acceptable sense of style. Trends have become easier to follow globally. The lovers of western dresses and garments point out that going with the flow when it comes to, western wear is their way to exploring different style options. An ethnic wearer however believes in staying rooted to our culture and add a slice of Indian-ness to her clothes. This helps us stand out on the global front. A lady wearing a saree is easily distinguishable from the other pantsuits.

The other thing to consider however is the freedom of expression that western wear has to offer. With the wide variety of options at hand, it becomes easier for people to their own style statement. Western wear also gives the leeway to add your own elements and design to the look. This is very important to the liberal lady of the 21st century, who can now make a statement with her clothes. Western wear also brings with it the illusion of modernity. Designed to fit your body without getting in the way, western clothes let you do your thing, without being self aware. None of that dupatta clutching or saree lifting when you’re on the run.
However, traditional clothes are what represents our identity. By following the global mix, we’re losing on the rich heritage of fabric and design that India has to offer. From the bandhni to the patola, India has a lot of fashion gems to sport. Kurtas are also very flexible, and can be worn on different occasions unlike western garments – where each has a defined purpose and going against it would just seem off. A well-fitting kurta can offer a much more enhanced fashion statement even in office against a plain shirt. Plus, the vibrance of Indian wear is just hard to miss.

All in all, while both dressing styles have their merits, in the end it’s all about choice. Choose your individuality in western wear or find your identity in the lush Indian robes – it’s still you, out to own the world.

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