#WeekendFever: 5 cocktails every Naari must try once

Saturday nights should be reserved for lazy dinners, cocktails and a book/movie with your loved one. ‘Kicking off your shoes and forgetting the week that was’ is the only way to do justice to the weekend. We tell you the five cocktails you should definitely try once…

French 75:
It’s as classy as the name suggests. Made with Champagne/sparkling wine, gin, and lemon juice, French 75 is a vintage cocktail and a definite party-starter.


Irish Coffee:
If you can’t get over your caffeine fix, here’s a frothy, heavenly drink for you. It’s made with Irish whiskey, coffee and dollops of cream. Yum!

Arguably the most popular cocktail in the world, this chic vodka-cranberry juice-lemon juice creation is perfect for parties, after-work fun, girls’ night out, and pretty much everything.

Those ladies who don’t want to experiment with their drinks, this is a classic that will always have your back. The wine-brandy-fruit combo makes it a perfect ladies’ drink.


Long Island Ice Tea:
It’s a favoured drink of the working ladies. Made with Gin, tequila, vodka, rum, triple sec, cola and lime juice, it simply transports you to another world!

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