Turn your old kurti into a new style statement

Kurtis are fun. With the wide range of colors, styles, shapes and sizes available, it’s really easy to mix and match and create your own look. And while brand new Kurtis are something we look forward to, it doesn’t mean the old ones aren’t worth salvaging. Here are a few ways you can turn your old kurtis into a gorgeous piece of fashion.

From Kurtis to Jackets

Got a kurti that just won’t fit you anymore? Good news is you don’t have to throw it away. Transform a basic patterned kurti into a chic jacket with just a pair of scissors and some glue. Sounds easy? It really is.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Kg6JXfHc1E /


Make ethnic, extraordinary

Love off shoulder tops but can’t find the right prints or patterns? Or are you just looking to add a bit of ethnic to your western wardrobe? Take a kurti and transform it into the talk of your office, quick and easy.


Trim it to fit your style statement

Can’t find the right style of kurti that matches your fashion sense? You can just take a plain kurti and add a dash of zing to it. Watch this video on how to get the most oomph out of a simple kurti. Cut away!


Flaunt your kurti as an accessory

The best part about kurtis is, they don’t double up just as clothes. Turn your old kurti into a rocking sling bag, and carry your style, hands down.


So now that you know what even your old kurtis are worth, shop for some new ones (Naari New Arrivals) and score brownie points for dazzling this festive season.

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