Are you wondering what your 2019 summer wardrobe should consist of?
What’s trending and what isn’t, what’s making a comeback and what you need to let go of. Well, what if we tell you that you’re in for a surprise and that you’re about to experience an entire wardrobe change with these biggest trends?

While it wouldn’t make a difference to most about what’s trending, just say goodbye to the obsolete and make place for the new!

Find yourself time travelling back in time as the 90’s make a comeback with matching sets. Be it a top with trousers, a pair of pants with a tee shirt or a kurti with leggings, for fashions sake, let them match this season.

And while you’re at that, an oversized denim piece to complete another look will shoot you to the trendsetters list, especially with denim that is loose, high-waisted, long-sleeved or flared.

What plans for your OOTD? Why not get poppy plaid this season as you bring it back in your style?!!

A simple chequered fabric or a simple plaid one will do the trick as you gain the freedom to customize your look to plain-Jane or decked up.

We found yet another reason to be brave and that would be achieving the new stripes on stripes. So many ways to make a dreaded fashion faux-pas with this combination, yet once you get it right you definitely can’t go wrong. Our advice would be to consider what striped design would best compliment your body.

And last but not the least, F.E.A.T.H.E.R.S!! Feathered accessories, shoes, bags, slippers are the feathered favourite this season.

We figured these trends to be this year’s most talked about and we thought what better way to walk the talk than to wear it too.

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