The Bright Kurti Theory

A kurti in bright peppy colors is like a ray of sunshine – dazzling. And if you arre the kind that wants to own the glow, vibrant coloured kurtis are the way to go for you. Here are a few ways you can style your bright kurti look.

Jeans : A no-brainer really, the good old denim blends in with the all-new kurti perfectly. Since both of them are the kind that complete any look, it’s like they are a match made in fashion heaven. All shades of red, yellow and green go perfectly with the blue washed jeans. The white kurti and blue denim combination never gets old either. Just pair up your pop kurti with a pair of snug jeans and you are good to go.

Leggings : Taking the kurti wearing comfort to another level, Leggings are the first choice for a kurti-lover. Dark solid chudidaars and leggings help accentuate the hues of your kurti. So slip into a pair of sombre bottoms and shine up your kurti even more.

Plazzos : The kurti-plazzo combination is really catching on, and for good reason! Short kurtis in vivid tones. Ankle-length plazzos in pastel colors can really lend a bold yet cheery look to your kurti. Add the right amount of flare to your style with the perfect plazzos for your kurti.

So now that you know how to rock those bright kurtis you have, put them on and dazzle the world.

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