The Big No-Nos of Kurti Dressing


It’s hard to imagine the average Indian woman without at least one Kurti in her closet. Kurti’s go well with everything, and since that’s our mindset anyway, we often overlook the basics of Kurti dressing.

Here’s a checklist to help you avoid committing a fashion faux pass.
1. Fabrics
While Kurtis come in all fabrics, pay attention to the fabric and the season. While synthetic fabrics flow well, it may not be a great idea in a season with high humidity. Experiment with fabrics and see which one suits you the best. Fabrics like Rayon are best suited for every day wear across seasons but there are a host of fabric options to choose from. If you are looking at a long day, try and avoid fabrics that tend to crumple easily.


2. Not dressing for body type
The best part about kurtis is that there’s more than one for every body type. Just make sure you choose the right kurti for your frame, and you can be picture perfect all the time. Even if you like something that doesn’t go well with your frame, you can always find a way around it. For eg. If you have a petite frame, you can still wear short kurtis with a long jacket around it.


3. Choosing The Wrong Lingerie
You don’t want the wrong innerwear stealing away from the glamour of your kurti. Pick the right shade – nude or white innerwear with light hues and darker hues for the kurtas in darker colours. More importantly, make sure your innerwear fits perfectly. A bulge from a too-tight strap can make your kurta look ugly.


4. Choosing The Wrong Size
When you’re buying a readymade kurti, make sure you choose a size that perfectly aligns with your frame. Stop with the guesswork, make sure your measurements are correct and refer to the sizing guide, before you place the order. An ill-fitting kurti looks shoddy and frumpy, no matter how good the design is.


5. Not Choosing the Right Shape
When you’ve got your size sorted, don’t forget the shape or the cut. Choose the cut that flatters your frame the most. If you are getting your kurta custom made, darts on the back and front can help your kurtis stay in shape. Make sure the tailor shapes your kurti right down to the inch and you won’t have an issue with making heads turn all around.

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