#ProTip: 5 hacks to save money

Money can give you happiness when you have it and anxiety when you don’t! While having some extra cash on you could get you the dress you have fancied at the neighborhood couture or taking the Uber instead of the metro or going out partying. Being short on cash can give you some serious woes like going frugal on your nights out, shopping for your cola at the supermarket or running huge tabs on your credit card bill with money flow being in the distant! Sometimes the hardest thing about saving money is getting started. It can be difficult to figure out simple ways to save money and how to use your savings to pursue your financial goals. Here are 5 hacks that can save you some serious money

  1. Free friend time:

Spending time with friends and with people whom you care for has a positive impact on your well being but not when its making you broke. Going out for coffee or dinner with your friends is a fun activity once in a while but there are other ways to chill that are easy on the pocket. Go play a sport together or cycle as you used to in your childhood. The fun and the joy that takes you back to your carefree childhood days is a different experience in adulthood! Go for a long walk on the beach with the cold sand sifting through your feet or if you just want to catch up then meet at each other‘s homes as you used to for your play dates . No spend=FUN!

  1. Treat yourself wisely:

It’s good to splurge on yourself. Allow yourself the luxury of a silly treat and pamper yourself with a goodie bag. It could be as simple as a good pastry, getting aromatic candles to lighten up your home, buy a DVD of a movie you love while gobbling into your favorite ice cream tub.

Who said you need to specifically buy big stuff to keep yourself happy? Good things do come in small packages!

  1. Make a weekly plan:

Many people spend much more on food than is necessary. While it’s easy to forget to be thrifty when you’re biting into a gourmet meal at your favorite restaurant, food-related expenses can become quite large if allow them to get out of control.

Buy groceries in bulk and preferably on weekends, with coupons or combo offers. Dine out, when restaurants roll out special offers, thereby saving you a few bucks. This way you can tingle your food buds on a daily basis at the same time it doesn’t lighten your pockets! As the adage goes ‘Money saved is money earned’

  1. Keep a tab:

The first step in saving money is to know how much you are spending. For one month keep a record of everything you spend .That means every coffee, every newspaper, and every snack you purchase for the entire month. Once you have your data, organize these numbers by category- figure out way where you can minimize your expense and cut down on it.

  1. Save on travel:

The best way to save money is to travel by public transport. Instead of going by your own car or bike, carpool to your destination! That will not only save the environment, but also help you on the pockets.

Though these are just hacks, the real deal is to inculcate certain life changing habits which provide you the benefits over a long run.

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