Post-festival detox

Diwali is probably the most hectic time of the year for many. Starts well before the festival with the cleaning, the shopping and the preparation. And once the festival dawns, most of us are on our toes for the next couple of days. A whirlwind of visits from family and friends, card parties that go on late into the night, heavy and rich food… Diwali may be over but the hangover still remains…
Here are 5 tips for you to get back in action with this quick detox guide –



Nothing works like beauty sleep to help your body recoup and recover. Make sure you get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep so that you can get back stronger and faster.


Your body is crying out for hydration and nutrients. Make sure you guzzle up that water and stay replenished. Or else you can whip up this hydrating recovery drink.
Scoop out the flesh of a chilled water melon, de-seed it. Add a 1 cm cube of chopped ginger into a blender, along with the sliced melon and some ice cubes. Add a bit of salt, dash of lemon and you have a zingy, refreshing drink that works wonder for your mood and your tired body.


Light exercises like Yoga, a gentle walk or a relaxing dip in the pool will help you get rid of
some of the lethargy and those extra calories. But do stay away from strength training and heavy exercising immediately. Give your body time to relax and loosen up.


All that makeup and hair products wreaks havoc on your hair and skin. Time to pamper
them too. Exfoliate, deep cleanse and tone your skin to get back your glow. Home made
face masks like a Multani Mitti pack with curd and honey are a great way to rejuvenate your skin too. For your hair, a nice champi with a warm oil (we recommend Coconut oil all the way) overnight works wonders. Don’t forget to give the ends of your hair some extra love!
Clean with a mild shampoo and condition well. Do stay away from products for a couple of days.


Give your energy levels a kick start with the right food. Stay away from the leftovers and
stick to small, regular meals to keep up your metabolic rate. Try to eat foods high in B
vitamins and vitamin C, such as tomatoes, spinach, sunflower seeds and wholegrain bread. Bananas of course are our favourite super food. These foods will help you power you through the work week coming up!
So, these were some of our tips. How do you girls handle the post-festival lethargy? Do send us your tips and pointers. We’d love to know!