2019 comes with the burden of a resolution and abiding by it, doesn’t it? Well, it’s only if you look at it that way. There’s just so many things a person can fault within themselves, so many issues we have with ourselves. We seem to have forgotten how to accept and appreciate ourselves.

Why not break this legendary trend and let 2019 be all about YOU and what you NEED

We don’t mean going getting all self-centered and mean. Just that you stop ignoring yourself and start giving yourself some love too.

A resolution to lose weight could be a resolution to get fitter, a promise to go to a temple every specific day could also be a promise to have faith in oneself.
It’s small things like these that shape how a person thinks of themselves and how others think of you.

Everyone talks about using the word ‘Yes’ more positively but what about the word ‘No’?
Learning to say NO to things that make you uncomfortable or to things that may not be right for you, means taking a stand for yourself. Sure, it’s not easy. But respecting your mind and your body goes a long way in building that award-winning confidence you were born with.

Loving yourself is actually being your own favourite person and putting your needs above
others. So do those things in this new year, things that scared you in the last year or even the ones that you promised yourself but didn’t do.

The moment you realize that you are your own competition and to better yourself is the race, 2019 will look a lot brighter, we promise!

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