Is your wardrobe Monsoon ready yet?

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After the prickly heat of summer, we’re all looking forward to the monsoons! However, monsoon means puddles and getting drenched and wet clothes that take ages to dry. And with days that just makes you want jump back into bed…you definitely need some pieces in your wadrobe that perks you right up.

Color: The monsoons can turn the whole city into a landscape of grey. With black umbrellas and grey skies dotting the city, add a touch of color with kurtis printed in bright hues. Stay away from whites and other light pastels as monsoons can do a load of damage that will shoot up your laundry bill. Bright colors like sprightly blues, lemon yellows, salmons and pinks and other bright happy colors can make you stand out even from a distance.

Dress light: One more major worry during the monsoons is drying clothes. With the high amount of humidity in the air, it’s time to keep your jeans and other heavy fabrics deep inside the closet. Cotton and synthetic kurtis are great for the season as they dry overnight. Do read the washing instructions. Take care not to wear a new kurta only to have the colours run in the rain. Make sure you stay fresh and dry and be monsoon ready.

Skip the puddles: With the rains beating down the city, it doesn’t take long before the streets are overflowing with puddles and potholes filled with water. Take care to wear clothes above your ankles so that you don’t get them wet in the dirty water on the street. Substitute the long palazzos and patialas with easier to handle pants and leggings. They are not just practical but look very smart too. A sure shot way to make the compliments rain over you.

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