VDayCountdown: How to rock the red lipstick

Red lipstick is what fantasies are made of. Every Naari has wanted to rock this sexy shade without looking like a desperate tart. Well, we are here to help you figure out how to wear the right red for a Bollywood diva feel…take a look:

Know your skin tone:
The thumb rule to follow is that those who have a porcelain-white skin should opt for red with a blue undertone, while all those with a fabulous chocolate-y skin should go for reds with yellow tones. This contrast adds the right balance to your lips.


Keep the rest of your make-up bare:
Apart from a face concealer and highlighter, keep your face bare when going in for the kill with red lippie.


Don’t go out with cracked lips:
Especially when you’re applying a red lipstick (which can easily bleed, considering its dark shade), it’s best to avoid chapped lips. Use a lip balm and exfoliation cream before applying the shade.

Know your age:
While pinks, oranges and light reds look great on youngsters, the bolder and brighter shade of red looks best on girls over 25.
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