How to quirk up the Kurti

The kurti, no matter how popular, is still synonymous with safe and conservative. And while there are infinite ways to shape your kurti style, you mostly play within the safe limits. Here’s testing them! Let’s see a few ways to go bold and wild with your kurti, and shatter the stereotypes

1. Wear it with a skirt

Want to bring your power woman mode back on? A kurti paired up with the right skirt can give you an air of power, besides giving you an impression of gliding across the room. You could wear a plain kurti with a printed skirt or the other way round, and you can be sure of making a statement with it

2. Kurti with shorts

Feeling playful? A short kurti with short shorts is just what you’re looking for. Add on to the mood with a choker or beaded bracelets and you’ll be ready to play fashionista in no time.

3. Wear it like a dress

Done wearing the plain old Kurti with bottoms? Tie a belt around the waist, or let it hang loose around your contours. The right kurti can double up as a dress, and boost your style quotient through the roof.

4. Trenchcoat kurti!

If you want to really go out and out with your kurti, slit it down the front and wear it like a trenchoat over your tops and capris. You can be sure your trenchcoat will be talked about for days, and for the right reason. 

So now that you’ve got so much to do with your kurti, don’t accuse it of being boring again. After all, there really is no testing the limits of what the kurti can do, is there?