Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

You know that moment when you’re deciding what to wear the next day? When you’ve got all your clothes on the bed, all over the room and you think you need a bigger wardrobe? Well, it might be time for change – and we’re not talking about the closet. The capsule wardrobe attempts to reduce your wardrobe size to a limited number of dresses, saving time; energy and the hassle of having to decide every day.

So how does a capsule wardrobe really work? And how do you go about making yours? A
capsule wardrobe essentially strips you of the dead weight of impulse buys and clothes you’re never going to wear, and leaves you with YOUR style.

Here are the quick steps to forming a capsule wardrobe:

1. Put it out there
You need a day off to do this. Clear your wardrobe of every single piece of fabric and spread it all out. Get a good hard look at each of these as you might be bidding a few goodbye.

2. Sort
It’s time to get picky. Separate your clothes into 3-4 categories based on your preferences. For example, try sorting your clothes out in these categories:
1. Would wear it whenever,
2. Special occasions and seasonal, and
3. Maybes.
This way, you get a clear idea of the style you want to carry and you can keep it handy. Store
the special occasion wear in a corner like a prized trophy – you’ll only need them when you want to show off.

3. De-clutter
Once you’ve sorted your clothes out, it’s time to let go. The maybes are clothes you weren’t sure about, which means you’re never going to wear them. Chuck them out and give your clothes some breathing room.

4. Mix-N-Match
Once you’ve got down the list of clothes you’re going to be donning this season, try a few
combinations of what goes with what. You’ll be surprised at the amount of sass that now fits in your closet.

So go on and try the capsule wardrobe challenge. If nothing else – the extra space in your
wardrobe might just push you to buy that kurta you set your eyes upon.