How are you celebrating Galentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. But we are celebrating Galentines Day this year! What’s that?

Well, it’s a day dedicated to ‘ladies celebrating ladies’! How awesome is that!

Galentine’s Day was coined by superwoman Leslie Knope on a TV show called Parks and Recreation. What started as a sitcom joke has now become an annual celebration for the ladies. Women around the world are loving the idea because quite obviously our female friends are the gems to our precious lives. Galentines Day as the name suggests is a day for our gal pals and occurs on the day before Valentine’s.

So this Valentine’s eve, 13th Feb we suggest becoming part of the upcoming phenomenon and joining in the celebration of celebrating our female friendships.

Yes, we understand the questions in your head, how do we celebrate our specially termed holiday?

It’s easy! We bring our girl gang together, and we have all the fun we want, and in the way, we want to! Appreciating one another, showing our love and support, reflecting on our achievements & gains and of course encouraging each other. And dancing!
And we totally recommend you do a LOT of dancing on Galentine’s Day.
The power of being surrounded by people who love and care for us and with whom we can be just who we are is unparalleled. So as ‘Girl Power’ makes a comeback, it’s time we celebrate the ‘squad’, our girls who have our back.

Go out, let your hair down, get some dinner and drinks. Shower each other with gifts. Or perhaps it’s a quiet pyjama night in with your buddies. Either way, any plan made would work without fail because it’s the time that we spend with our girlfriends that matters most.

So here you go ladies, a special day, just for us. Why not take advantage and show some love this year on Galentines Day. Let’s own it.

What say, ladies? Are we in or are we out?!

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