Healthy dose of Girlfriends!


Who doesn’t love hanging with their girlfriends’ right? They’re our people, our home away from home AND they get us when no one else does! Studies have now given us a reason to go out with them more often. In fact we should be doing that twice a week to improve mental health.
New studies say that for women to really feel happy, they need to be able to get together with their BBF’s and just ‘do their thing’. As women we understand the need to be able to give our best to everything we do, but what about for ourselves?
To feel rejuvenated, stress-free and nurtured we need to be able to go out, open up and freely talk about things that trouble us.
We need our squad to be able to socialize, laugh loudly and act silly for a change! So why not consciously make an effort to forget your responsibilities and get healthy?
Lower anxiety levels, a stronger immune system, increased generosity and of course being genuinely happy are some amongst many of the noticeable benefits we would experience.

In this fast evolving world of social media, face-to-face interactions are boiling down to a minimum as text messages take over our lives. When was the last time you went out and caught up with your girls rather than doing that over their online profiles?

We say get out and invest in some quality time. Because the bonds we share are strong enough to break the never ending cycle of entrapment in our mundane schedules. Behind every successful woman is her set of reliable girl gang.


Because we relate with each other on levels men can’t match up to, and losing a GF could hurt more than a heart break even!

We all know that girls make friends everywhere they go, be it in another country or in a random bathroom. Fact of the matter remains that girls are there for each other no matter what. Sure we make and break each other’s lives but above all love prevail. And no one understands the complicated nature of women’s friendships and neither do we but

hey! That never stopped us.

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away; well we say healthy doses of your girlfriends will keep the doctor at bay!

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