#HealthFix: 5 ways to detox your liver!

We know, we know. You’ve been pretty hard on your liver for a while now. From alcohol-binging to stuffing your face with the cheesiest of junk, you’ve definitely gone overboard. But there’s no need to worry as we tell you five ways to detox your organ…read on:

Lemon juice:
This is a time-honoured method to keep not only your liver healthy, but also to make your skin glow. Squeeze a tinge of lemon into a glass of warm water and have it first thing in the morning to fight sluggish bowels and fatty liver tissues. Other citrus juices work too.


The natural elements present in this green leafy vegetable helps detoxify the liver. In fact, ancient Greeks used it as a medicinal herb to treat liver and skin ailments.


One of the most useful kitchen ingredients is also favoured by the liver. The natural enzymes present in turmeric help in flushing out dietary carcinogens.


Green tea:
Another way to flux out toxins from your system is by sipping on green tea throughout the day. Replace your sugary, milky chai with this drink rich in antioxidants.


Olive oil:
As far as possible, cook in olive oil or use it in salad dressing to keep your liver healthy.


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