Go retro with the Kurti

The rise of Kurtis in the Indian fashion scene throughout the last decade has been unprecedented. However, Kurtis have been around in Bollywood since as long ago as the 60s and 70s. So here are a few ways you can get retro with your kurti.

Polka dots

Who can forget Hema Malini and her love for polka dots? Or the iconic Dimple Kapadia in Bobby. Bright pastels with contrasting little bubbles can give your kurti a cheery vibe. Don your polka dotted kurti and be the life of the office or the cuteness overload at a friend’s gathering. Opt for small polka dots over big ones, as the latter can look a bit over the top at times.


No bollywood dramatic dance is complete without the dancer spinning 350 with her Kurti flares rising up around her. Flares have been the rage since the early days of bollywood and continue to dazzle even today. Add some flare to your fire, and spin with joy.


The crown jewel of every Indian occasion, Lehengas first made their appearance on the silver screen in the 60s. And they continue to bedazzle the same way as they did back then. So don your crown jewels as you step out for any occasion, and you can surely make heads turn.

Flared pants

One of the most iconic fashionistas of her day, Neetu Singh made the concept of bell bottoms and palazzos popular. While flared pants were truly the in-thing back in the day, it seems like they’re making a comeback again. So match your kurti up with a palazzo and rock on.

Add more retro to your look with hair bangs, hooped earrings and the like. After all, a touch of nostalgia can do wonders for your style.