Forget the straight cut! Here are 5 new styles to add a twist in your kurti tales.

You know how you’ve been wearing kurtis too long when you start running of accessories and bottoms to pair them with. If the straight cut kurti is making your fashion statement look routine, here are 5 new designs that can get you back in the style game.

1) Flared kurtis

Add a touch of royalty to your whimsical side. Flared hemlines give you a sense of airy grace that are well complemented by a rich embroidery around the neck. Grab one of these beauties and you’ll surely stand out in the crowd.

2) Short kurtis

Sometimes, a little change in length is all it takes to give your kurti a fresh new look. Short kurtis have a way of appearing uber-modern, and lend the wearer a touch of boldness along with the grace that kurtis offer.

3) Graphic Printed kurtis

Need something to head out with your friends after a lazy Sunday afternoon? With a plethora of options in graphic printed tees, you can flaunt your style embossed on the fabric of the kurti.

4) Front slit kurtis

If you’re tired of straight hemlines, here’s cutting straight to the chase. Front slits can add a much needed flair in an otherwise plain hemline, and sometimes that’s all you need to rock a kurti. Show off a bit of your churidaars with these stylish kurtis and be dressed to impress.

5) Shirt Style kurti

If power play is your game, then a shirt style kurti can do wonders to add on to your style quotient. An array of buttons and pintucks give your kurti front a detailed symmetry that adds the final touch to your fashion masterpiece.

So now that you know a few more kurti styles to dabble in, perhaps it’s time to expand the kurti section of your wardrobe.

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