Finding the perfect jewelry for your kurti

All of us have that one tunic or kurti in our wardrobe which would be eye-turning if paired with the best jewellery combinations, to give it the perfect look. But more often than not, we ignore the importance of jewellery and end up undermining its effects. However, the truth is that the right jewellery can go a long way towards adding charm and grace to your outfit. This is probably why you will hardly find any of the celebrities with no accessories on them. Even our Bollywood men have been known to spend time in styling their look. So what’s holding you back?

Tiara or crown-styled maang tikka:

Asymmetric necklace
The asymmetric necklaces are one sided designer pieces that can add elegance to any kurti.


Double stranded necklace
Popular with celebrities and audiences alike, the double stranded necklace on kurtis are back again!


Extra chunky necklace
Heavy in look, light in feel, a chunky necklace paired with the simplest of kurtis will be enough to enchant others!

Try out a deep necked kurti with a choker and see the beauty it adds!


The evergreen favorite across decades, diamonds are definitely a go with kurtis. Choose between earrings or a diamond necklace to give it a subtle, rich look.


Single earrings
Trendy? Mod? Chic? Boho? Catch that look and more with a single earring with your kurti!

Funky earrings
Kurti with funky hasn’t been tried enough. Go for a pair of cool, funky earrings to create an eye-turning impression.


Statement bracelets
Bracelets are commonly worn with kurtis, but the latest designs in bracelets will steal your heart and demand to be chosen first!


Large rings
Rings never grow old but 2016 is asking for bigger than big! Pair an ethnic ring with your kurti and get all the attention around!


You can never go wrong with anklets, especially the new chic ones! Try one out with your kurti and watch its effect on others!


Themed jewellery
Though, themed jewellery has been old, the themes available now aren’t! Try a few fun themes with your kurti and style it around your personality.


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