This year brings with it many changes, so let’s look at our most dreaded macro nutrient for a change, FAT.


And no, we’re not saying that you compromise on your health and let your body pave its own way. What we ARE saying that it’s time to incorporate more saturated fat in your diet plan.

Eating healthy can do wonders for your body, but eating ‘quality’ while not just focusing on ‘quantity’ will show you miraculous results. A misguided fallacy that people believe to this day is that to be fit you need to eliminate saturated fat from your diet. It’s a myth that has been harming us since more than a decade!

Truth-be-told saturated fat is ‘the’ most preferred fuel for your heart, bones, brain, lungs, your immune system and any other health benefit you could think of. Incorporating saturated fats in your meal slows down absorption thus allowing you to function longer without the constant ‘phantom hunger’ feels that we are so prone to.

Each one has a different kind of body but it becomes your job as Wonder Woman to tune-in and figure what works for you and what doesn’t. Yes, it can be confusing to associate fat with fit and changing your diet can be tough as ever too but incorporating the right kind of fat can never hurt.

Have you ever had your grandmother or mother pouring a dollop of ‘ghee’ over your food? Well we can’t blame them for wanting the best for us right?!!

Butter, cream, cheese, ghee, milk and other dairy products that make our mouths water are actually good for you! For them meatarians, foods such as fatty cuts of pork and lamb, processed meats like salami, sausages and the skin on chicken are beneficial for you. Of course we have plant based saturated fats too like Palm oil, Cooking margarine, Copha and Coconut oil to aid you in your quest to a healthier and radiant you.

So, don’t live miserably and definitely don’t hold back because a proportioned amount of fat is good for you!

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