DIYOutfits: How to measure like a designer!

If the DIY bug has bitten you hard, but you don’t know what measurements to take to be able to make your own stuff,  let us help you. Even if you’re planning to get something made from a designer friend or the talented friend from continents across, you should know what to measure… take a look:

Over Bust
Under Bust (or where the strap of your bra is)
Waist (Slightly bend to find the dent where the bone is)
Height (neck to heel)
Across shoulder
Shoulder seam
Arm length
Forearm (crook your arm a bit before measuring. It will help in the easy movement of your arms)
Shoulder to waist
Waist to heels (with your shoes)

On how to measure the bust, waist and hips, watch our video here. 

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