DIY: How to ace the messy bun in 3 EASY steps

Going through a bad hair day? We have something that is simply the hottest hairdo in town! The ultimate savior when you’re rushing to an event from office…yey bun is what we are talking about. Something that can make you look stunning in every look you’re carrying. Let’s go step by step towards this pretty mess of hair:

1) To start with just comb your hair into a pony tail as high as you like. Use an elastic and get the hair through it just once. Twist the elastic and bring the hair in your grip…towards the forehead.

Insta photo editor1440582138501_1

2) Spread the hair into a doughnut shape over the elastic grip. You can increase the size of the bun by pulling it and tightening the grip.

Insta photo editor1440582216045_1

3)To make it a little more messy, pull out strands of hair from the bun.Use bobby pins to tuck in uneven hair…whoa! Your messy bun is ready!

messy bun image

P.S : You may use a hairspray to keep up the look for long(optional)

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