DIY decor ideas for NYE

DIYs are a big hit these days. And everyone wants to try their hand at it. Your bedroom is your personal heaven where you spend most of your time. It should be peaceful, tranquil and it should represent who you are at the same time. Whether it’s a complete overhaul or a quick change, spice up your favorite room with these DIYs.

  1. Fairy lights:

This seems to be the latest and most popular trend in home décor. All you have to do is buy some lights, whichever color you like, and uphold them against the pillars of your bed. If you don’t have bed with pillars, simply hang them from the ceiling. This looks absolutely amazing in the dark!

  1. Snowy mason jars:

Mason jars are here to stay and no one will argue with that. They can be used for various reasons other than using it to store something.  Apply glue on the inside of the mason jars and put silver sparkles in it. Close the lid of the jar and shake the jar well. Once the sparkles settle down, remove the excess sparkles on a piece of paper. Once the jar is all dried up, put fairy lights inside the jar or use scented candles to light up the jar from inside. Not only will it look stunning but also give you a calm feeling.

  1. Dream catchers:

Dream catchers are very easy to make and multicolor dream catcher will only liven up your room. Take a circular frame and wrap it around with a woolen thread of any color of your liking. You can also add strings for more effect.

  1. Tea cup and fairy lights:

This is probably the simplest on this DIY list. Buy a lot of small plastic tea cups (see image below) and make four cuts from the side all the way to the bottom. On the bottom, right in the centre, make a hole with a screw or pen. Insert single fairy light through this hole and hang it on the wall. These are not only easy to clean but pretty to look at too!

  1. Rugs!

This is the simplest room décor you can find! You can use an old rug or bed sheet and just pin it up on the wall behind your furniture. And you are done! But if you choose to go with a rug that is heavy on design, make sure that the rest of the room does not appear to be clustered.

  1. Photo walls with fairy lights:

This one will not only liven up your room but also keep your memories fresh! Put up fairly lights on one wall and clip your photos on the wire with wooden cloth clip. You can also paint the clip.

Our rooms are our happy place and our adobe! So we rarely like ideas when it comes to changing the décor of that room. Do let us know if you have any such quick décor ideas!

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