Choosing the right footwear for the monsoons

The monsoons are here. And look how the skies are pouring! While the monsoons are the best to romanticise over a rainy day atop a balcony, when it comes down to going out – it’s a real mess. Pot holed roads and slush ponds are camouflaged in the muddy waters. And you certainly don’t want to make a mess of your favourite boots in the rain. So here are a few tips to keep in mind while getting your footwear closet monsoon ready.
Now we all love fashionable gumboots. And they seem like the perfect rainy wear too. But the levels of humidity here put a stop to our gumboot fantasies. When it’s not raining, the sweat can be quite an irritant often causing smelly feet. Gross, right? Also once it starts raining cats and dogs, no gumboot can stop the water from seeping in and staying there.
Also, the casual flip flops that we so effortlessly slip in to are also a no-go during the rains. That is unless you want to walk around the street slipping and flapping like a duck in the monsoon waters. Leather shoes are another stinker in the rains. Plus the rain can wreak havoc on the leather. Wrap your heels and store them away till winter, as walking with them on a potholed overflowing road is just not happening.
So what have we got left? A lot fortunately! The trendy plastic soles and rubber crocs or
moccasins are ideal for rainy days out. The bright colours that these kinds of footwear come in also help you stand out against the dull grey that the city dons during the showers. Synthetic sandals also provide options for style, so that you don't let the rains dampen your fashion sense.
So let it rain style this monsoon and flood the streets with your glamour!

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