Bebo-turned-Begum: Kareena Kapoor Khan

Are you as ready as Kareena Kapoor was for the big change?

Kareena Kapoor has often been mentioned in the media for her competitive nature towards her career, which is probably also the reason for her success. Kareena’s name has often come up regarding her choice in films, characters and boyfriends. These references to her have also been the cause of rumors that label her as an insecure person.

However, Kareena Kapoor Khan has been in the news a lot recently and for completely opposite reasons. The media reports paint her to be a much more carefree, mature and secure person now. Surprising, isn’t it? It makes us wonder – ‘What changed?’

Kareena attributes all her new found contentment, happiness and glow to her hubby, Saif Ali Khan. She is found gushing about Saif in all her interviews and even mentions her new family with affection. The Nawab of Pataudi is not behind in praising his wife and seems equally content in life. He is known for making sure that his wife is truly being treated like a Begum.

Beyond everything though, a fact many seemed to have missed, is that Kareena did not marry until she was absolutely ready for it. She didn’t get married to any of her boyfriends in a rush, she didn’t get married simply because it was the right age and she definitely did not let the society pressure her into doing so. She married Saif after a good five-year courtship, including a living-in period. Many people were annoyed by this live-in phase, especially because of the difference in their castes. However, Bebo being Bebo, went ahead with her decision unperturbed. Turns out, she was perfectly right!

Begum Kareena Kapoor Khan is now happily married to Nawab Saif Ali Khan with a baby on the way! If you haven’t heard yet, Kareena Kapoor Khan will be delivering in December and the couple is really excited for this new arrival. However, Kareena will not stop working even after this pregnancy. In fact, she already has projects lined up for the period after her delivery. And she has the full support of her loving husband and her mother-in-law, Sharmila Tagore. After all, when three pregnancies couldn’t stop her quintessential mother-in-law, why should it stop her?

It seems that marriage has not only changed Kareena Kapoor’s name, but has also changed her as a person and for the better! We are definitely impressed. Aren’t you?

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