All about the jewels


All about the jewels – a woman’s guide to accessorising with Jewellery.
From gemstones to artificial jewelry and gold, there are so many options for
accessorising, out there for you. Here’s a quick look into the basic rules of blinging it up!
1. Match the occasion
Evening out with your friends? Go ahead and experiment with bold, funky and bright
jewelry. However, at formal parties, gemstones and fine jewelry work best. In office,
go minimal – a little bit of jewellery works – don’t go overboard.

2. Compliment your outfit
The purpose of jewellery is to bring out the best in your outfit. If you’re wearing a fine
embroidered piece, don a pair of simple ear studs. If your attire is more subdued,
you can up the ‘flashiness’ to complement the look.

3. Neckline
Make sure that your neck jewellery compliments your attire’s neckline. If you’re
wearing a deep cut, a pendant on a long chain looks good. For a short sweetheart
neckline, a statement necklace can work too. If your neckline is busy with accents or
embroidery, avoid neckpieces that would clash.

4. Choose a centrepiece
Build your look around one piece of jewellery, then add others to finish the look. For
example, if you wear a thick necklace, don dainty ear studs or thin bracelets.
Or avoid the neckpiece completely if you are wearing statement earrings like ‘chaand

5. Don’t match it up
Wearing a piece of jewellery that’s the same color as your outfit is off-putting and a tad boring. Take a look at the color wheel – the color right across from the color of your
outfit is the one you can experiment with. Mix it all up sometimes with contrasting or
similar hued colours too. Metal and diamond jewelry are mostly safe options when
you’re unsure of what to wear.
So go on, get your crown jewels and rule the throne of fashion.

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