9 unrealistic Bollywood expectations

  1. Short Skirts In School:

In the movie ‘Student of the Year’, Alia Bhatt is seen throughout the movie in short skirts and off shoulder dresses, during SCHOOL TIME. In reality, we are punished if we wear anything apart from our uniform to school. Wearing off shoulder dresses, short skirts, or shorts to school will probably get us thrown out.

  1. Unrealistic Love Life Expectations:

We have grown up watching Shahrukh Khan Movies and needless to say, he is the king of romance. But, the way Shahrukh woos his lady love can only happen in movies. You cannot just walk up to a total stranger and make them fall in love with you, in less than a minute. Nope. WARNING: Don’t try this. You might end up getting slapped!

  1. Synchronized Dance Steps:

Flash mob is a thing but that doesn’t mean you can break out into a dance step at a public place and everyone will start dancing in a synchronized manner with you. They will probably look at you like you are a lunatic. You don’t want that to happen to you now, do you?

  1. Telling Your Life Story To A Stranger:

Imagine this: you see a stranger looking at you from across the dance floor. You call him towards you, seductively. You two start dancing like crazy, and a few drinks later you are sharing your life story with them. Now I’m not saying that cannot happen. We are all perfect strangers in the beginning, but the sharing of life story part usually happens over a few days or few weeks.

  1. Dancing In Snow:

This might probably be the stupidest expectation on the list. No one can dance in the snow in skimpy clothes and not get chilled to their bones. It is highly impossible and fair warning; don’t ever try to do this. The actors probably have blankets and heaters waiting for them when the director shouts cut.

  1. Fairytale Love Story:

So many times we have wished that our boyfriend/better-half make us a nice romantic dinner or take us for a surprise vacation to Rome or just sit with us through a romantic movie without making a fuss. Sorry girls, that doesn’t happen in real life. Just like we cannot sit through an action movie, don’t expect your guy to sit through a romantic movie.

  1. Hair Goals:

How many times have we wondered if we can go for a bike ride or for a long drive in an open-roof car and step out of it without looking like we have just woken up? Sorry to burst your bubble on this one, but that’s not something that happens in real life. We will probably end up getting tanned and with dirt in our hair.

  1. Train Stations And Airports Chase:

Case in point: Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. When Jai runs into the airport to stop Aditi from boarding the flight, all of us wished someone did the same for us. Do not do it! I repeat DO NOT DO IT!  You are more likely to be thrown into jail for running into an airport and be labeled as a terrorist.

  1. Zero Studies:

Case in point: Aamir Khan in 3 Idiots or Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar or Dil Chahta hai. We cannot pass any of our exams without studying for them. More likely we will fail terribly in the exams and then be thrown out on our classes.

  1. Travel Goals:

We cannot just get up one morning and decide to go on a road trip with our friends. As exciting as unplanned road trips sound, there are a lot of factors to be considered when planning a vacation, especially when we are on a budget.