9 reasons to LOVE the winters!

Ask most people what their idea of a great break is, chances are most will describe a sunny afternoon at the beach in Goa. For most, winters are quite depressing. For some, on the other hand, nothing quite beats the magical cheer that winter brings in.
So here’ s a list of 9 things we love about the winter. Maybe some will cheer you up!

1) Piping hot chai:
Chai never tastes this good in the summers. A little elaichi and you can feel the warmth
spreading through to your toes. Not a chai person? Swap it for a warm, rich mug of hot
chocolate. Oh yum!
2) The bed, a blanket and a book.
Lazy mornings, curled up in a warm bed, reading your favourite book.
That is a little slice of heaven right here. This is your chance to catch up on all that reading you promised you were going to do the past year.

3) The fresh winter air
When you do gather the courage and put on those sneakers for a walk outside, what greets you is the smell of crisp, fresh winter air. If that doesn’t wake you up and put a spring in your step, nothing will.

4) Warm showers
Jumping into the shower, right after with warm water never felt this good. Relaxing and
comforting. Feels like wanting to stay there forever.

5) Winter ka khana
Sarson ka saag. Make di roti. Gajar ka halwa. Hot jalebis. Chole Bature.. Undiyo. The list just seems to go on!

6) Up your fashion game.
Layering with coats, scarves and boots just makes everything look uber chic, don’t you
think? Even kurtas! Read our earlier blog post on how you can jazz up your kurtas for the

7) Movie nights
Cozy movie nights with the girls or simply binge-watching netflix. It’s time to stock up on the popcorn!

8) End of season sales!
It’s that time of the year when your favourite brands have their End of Season sale. Perfect
time to stock up on all that you’ve been eyeing for a while. Pssst.. the Naari End of season
sale is about to begin too. Keep a lookout for that.

9) T’is the season to be jolly!

Christmas is not here yet but it is round the corner. The promise of cheer and happiness.
You can almost hear the bells tolling and smell cakes in the oven, can’t you?

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