7 badass women of our era

Rapes, dowry harassment, female infanticide, sexual harassment, domestic violence, child marriage, acid attacks these are only a few known side effects of being a women in India. But there are a few of us who have dreamt of going above and beyond all these obstacles and have rightfully done so in a very graceful manner. Listed below are only a few of the many women who managed to achieve the same.

  • Suhasini Mulay:

“Girls, who don’t get married before 30, remain unwed for life.” A country where single girls beyond the age of 30 are frowned upon, Suhasini Mulay defied all stereotypes and went ahead and got married at the young age of 60. She met her husband on the social media website Facebook. She refused to abide by the norms of society and got married only when she wanted to.

  • Nandita Das:

We live in a country where people who are judged on the basis of their skin color, actress Nandita Das refused to follow the herd and started promoting her campaign #DarkIsBeautiful. She has also refused to promote any fairness products. It is time us Indians start thinking beyond skin color and focus on the talent of the person.

  • Sampat Pal Devi:

Sampat Pal Devi is an Indian activist and the founder of “Gulabi Gang”, a gang that stands up against various forms of social injustice done on women. She has till date recruited an estimate of 270,000 members to join her cause. The gang wears gulabi or pink saree and hence the name. She took her first stance at the tender age of 16 against domestic violence, just 4 years after she was married.

  • Shanti Tigga:

Shanti Tigga was a mother of two when she joined as a jawan in the Indian army. During their physical test, she defeated all her male counterparts. She was awarded the title of best trainee and her trainers were so impressed with the way she handled guns that she was awarded the highest position of marksman. She is assumed to have committed suicide after being kidnapped by unknown perpetrators.

  • Roshni Sharma:

Hailing from a small town in western Uttarpradesh, and an engineer by profession, Roshni eluded all notions about women travelling alone. She travelled from Kashmir to Kanyakumari on her bike alone. She not only added a new horizon to her personality, but also opened the gate for travelling for many others.

  • Reshma Qureshi:

Things like acid attack, loss of vision and a permanent scar would stop any human being from following their dreams. But not Reshma Qureshi, she proudly donned her scar at the New York Fashion Week and walked the ramp with her head held high. She was badly disfigured after her brother-in-law threw acid on her, mistaking her for her sister.

  • Kalpana Chawla:

Kalpana Chawla was an astronaut of Indo-American origin, and the first woman from India in space. Hailing from a country that considers a women’s place is only in kitchen, Kalpana Chawla started working in NASA in 1888. Unfortunately she died while returning back from her space mission on 1st February, 2003.

So to all the aunties who are trying to cage us in age old customs, you need to wake up and smell the coffee. And to all the girls who think that there is no world beyond the 4 walls of your house, what are you waiting for?