5 ways to glam up the simple kurti 

Kurtis have since long earned their position in the wardrobes of all Indian working women – and also their hearts. But since Kurtis are so common, they can also be perceived as generic. Who says they don’t have to be! Here’s how you can make your own style statement:

1. Pairing it Up with Different Bottoms:

Try pairing your Kurti with different lowers like palazzo pants, leggings, trouser pants, skirts, long length capris and create your own style. A casual kurti for example can come alive with a long flowy skirt. Find out what your combination defines you best.

2. Scarves: In a tropical country like India, scarves have a double benefit: they can prevent damage from the sun and pollution and also bring out the richness of your kurtis. Although it might look a little flamboyant, it certainly can rise up to many an occasion.

3. Bags: Although there are a lot of options that can pep up your kurti, handbags can really add the needed relish to a plain cotton kurti. Given the choice of handbags available, there a lot of options to mix and match and choose the right handbag for every kurti.

4. Accessorize! Earings, rings, neckpieces, chokers, bracelets – there’s so much you can choose from. Choose accessories that are in contrast with what you’re wearing. For parties, hooped earrings or large neckpieces can really add the right amount of zing to your kurti.

5. Bottoms up: From flats to wedges, stilettos or wedges, the right footwear can really make a statement paired with a kurti. After all while its the woman that carries her clothes – it’s the shoes that carry the woman.

So bring out your floral, printed kurtis or even the plain ones, and choose from the plethora of options you have at your disposal. Carve your own persona, and be comfortable in your skin. So don your kurti and go out and own the world.

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