5 ways to achieve Zen at your workplace

Walking into the office on a Monday morning doesn’t typically evoke feelings of relaxation right? The projects and the deadlines for the week ahead loom large, there is a high stake client meeting that you are wanting to crack. Maybe it’s just one of the days when everything seems too much, before the 11 am coffee break.

STRESS – We have too much of it often at work, or we bring it with us to work. Stress makes us sleep worse, eat poorly and feel terrible overall.

As work pressure has exponentially increased, lowering your cortisol levels requires more than just a happy hour. A study released by Harvard and Stanford Business Schools found a direct link between work related stress and serious health issues ranging from hypertension to depression.

If you are finding it exceedingly difficult to deal with stress at work, you need to try something different.

To help you do just that, here are 5 wellness tips that are simple enough to execute to achieve Zen at work

  • Mindfulness Meditation- A type of meditation derived from Buddhism in which you focus on your breathing in order to remain present and in the moment. A study in 2011 showed that 8 weeks of practicing mindful meditation triggered changes in the brain, increasing grey matter that help regulate memories , emotion and learning

How to practice it:-Sit in a comfortable chair or cross legged on the floor. Then close your eyes and simply breathe focussing on each breathe you take.

  • Guided imagery- A visualisation technique that helps you relax by imagining a calming place or doing a mental preparation of a stressful situation such as giving a presentation in front of clients. You are putting yourself  in the mindset of everything going well .Guided imagery is a popular wellness technique

How to practice it:-Sit in a comfortable spot, close your eyes and take 3-4 deep breathes. Imagine yourself in nature, or walking on a path if it helps listen to music or nature sounds

  • Practice looking at your boss, your superiors and colleagues or your subordinates as your allies and not as enemies. Recognise that working collaboratively brings more satisfaction and joy than working alone. Know that success and happiness of everyone is your own success.
  • Be in the present

Be mindful of what you are doing at the moment, it could be as simple as organizing documents. The more it is practiced, the lesser anxiety provoking life becomes because whatever happens you know you can handle things one moment at a time. Being in the now also means that we have to dedicate ourselves entirely to the present! This helps us to focus and be more productive while working.

  • Treat each day as new

A good tip is to try and treat colleagues as if we you are meeting them for the 1st time without any pre conceived notions about who is easy to work or what might cause a problem.

Once we have mastered the art of Zen, prosperity and growth will follow leading to success and peace in our work life. Many of us are terrified to spend any time in our own company and rely on plugging into deal with this anxiety .If we can learn to spend a little more time just being in our company, a sense of joy and calm will begin to filter in to our lives and we can discover the right balance between work and the marvellous rest.

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