5 Reasons Why Dieting is Totally Stupid

Dieting is basically the act of restricting oneself from eating some particular items or having a fixed set of food items everyday with the aim to lose weight in less time. Similar to drug use, diets take you to a temporary phase of satisfaction which never lasts forever. Apart from the fact that it takes a lot of effort, it takes a toll on your long term health and happiness. A lot of people believe in the magic of diets because they are blinded by their desire to become lean. What they forget is that everyone is born in a way which need not be changed unless it’s unhealthy. Being curvy and skinny, both have a different set of pros and cons. And remember, nobody’s perfect.

This is why we think dieting is stupid as hell:
• Diets affect your mood
You know how chocolate is capable of turning your mood around? Similarly, tasty food makes you happy. Most people tend to act grumpy when they don’t get their desirable dishes.

• Diets are temporary
As long as you stick to your diet routine, you’ll see some results that will make you happy. But as soon as you indulge in some fried food, even just for a day, all your hard work goes to waste.

• Dieting screws with your metabolism
When you’re on a diet for a prolonged time, your body gets used to using less energy which results to the storage of more fat when you stop your diet. This is why people gain weight exponentially after putting a pause to their diet. Exercise and stay healthy instead.

• Dieting is a pain if you travel very often
Being fussy with food is definitely an issue if you travel a lot. You either need to carry your diet stuff everywhere or settle for food that doesn’t fit in your diet list which again, is not healthy.

Well, you only live once so why miss on the delicious food which is available all around the world. Some people love trying new cuisines which is definitely a better option than punishing your palate just to enter the “small size league”.

Can you really live without cupcakes for the rest of your lives?