5 reasons why you can’t ignore kurtis

Kurtis are the modern Indian woman’s best friend. Whether you like dressing in smart western outfits or glamming it up with ethnic wear, Kurtis are always an easy pick. And as much common as the kurti trend is, you just can’t resist them every now and then. Here are a few reasons why you just can’t help yourself falling in love with Kurtis.

Win over every occasion

There’s never been a piece of women’s clothing as versatile as the Kurti. From deeply embroidered traditional Indian kurtis to dazzle up a colleagues’s mehendi party or a smart crisp shirt kurti to rock your presentation, there’s a kind of kurti for every occasion.

Being comfortable in your skin 

Kurtis are really with you through thick and thin. Whatever your body type is, a kurti doesn’t judge. It blends effortlessly with everyone, and you’ll never be conscious wearing one. Like the ideal best friend, a kurti helps you be comfortable and confident in your skin.

Feel free

Speaking of being conscious, a kurti is the epitome of comfort when it comes to women’s clothes. The light cotton fabrics most kurtis are made of is ideal for a tropical country like ours. Breathe easy as you don a cape of clouds, as you venture out on a breezy summer day.

Own the Rainbow

With kurtis, color is the new black. Shattering the myth that black and dull is classy, kurtis have opened a world of vivid hues to choose from. With so many bright pastel colors, artsy prints, and gleaming embroideries, kurtis have added a zing to the Indian woman’s wardrobe.

Goes with everything

Experimenting with kurti styles is easy. Since kurtis are compatible with almost all kinds of accessories, it becomes very easy to try a new look with the same kurti, any number of times. Try all the permutations and combinations with the choicest kurtis in your wardrobe and amplify your style quotient.

Now that you know why you and kurtis are a perfect match, perhaps its time to take a kurti out one evening. We know you’ll love it.

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