5 Outfits That Will Make You Look Taller!


A Deep V-Neck Is The Way To Go:

Deeper V-necks are evergreen and will highlight your neck and shoulders. They tend to grab all the attention and hence, distract others from the fact that you are not as tall as others. Pair it with a pretty and long neckpiece to add charm and some more style to it.

(Product Code:  KU-MC-0666-BN)



Flared Pants Are A Must-Have:
Palazzos, Flared Pants and Flared Jeans are catching a lot of attention. The reason that they work out well for people with a shorter height is that they tend to go up to your shoes. So pair it with some heels and watch the magic unfold! You can wear any top or kurta with these pants.

(Product Code: PZ-SG-0984-BK)




Flaunt It Right With Just One Color:
Monochrome shades are beautiful and unique. They will make you feel comfortable while attracting attention. The best part about wearing a single shade throughout your dress is that it hides the separation between your legs and your waist. This works well to give you a taller look.

(Product Code: KU-GM-1160-OW-)



Remember Those High-Waist Pants? :
Oh, did you forget them so soon? Well, these will never go out of fashion and should be brought out of your closet. High waist pants make your legs look longer and slimmer, adding on height to your small frame.

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Rock On With Some Vertical Stripes: Vertical strips create the amazing illusion of height. Yes, they really do that! Never realized this age old trick, did you? Better get some shopping done straightaway!

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