Holi Hai!!

Holi, popularly recognized as the ‘festival of colours’ or the ‘festival of love’, signifies the
victory of good over evil. It is a beautiful blend of vibrant colours and a great indulgence of celebrations.

Celebrated in India with the utmost excitement and in several different ways, we often forget the harmful reactions holi can have on the environment. Water and colours being the two common elements can have toxic reactions which when overlooked can cause grave issues.

How can we avoid this?

By opting to celebrating holi organically! The decisions we make today can help in sustaining our natural resources for a long time. So choosing to play holi the eco way won’t just be fun, but promising.

A few simple steps you can adapt are as goes-

1. Play holi with natural colours- Natural colours are made from natural ingredients like
henna, turmeric, flowers, etc. Playing with these ensures you from harm in any way
and keeps serious skin and health problems at bay. It even washes off easy!

2. Avoid using water balloons and plastic bags- Anyone who has played holi knows the
kind of stinging pain when a water balloon is thrown. They can cause serious internal
and external injuries especially when thrown with force or from a height. And plastic
bags as we all know can kill the environment so the solution remains to avoiding
them entirely.

3. Celebrate it in a dry way- Sure pichkaris, water buckets and rain dances are a lot of
fun but it creates an unnecessary mess and wastes a lot of water. Colours today are
made from toxic chemicals and dye which act as poison for the soil and the
environment. Going the dry way helps to avoid these from seeping in and damaging
the growth of our plants, trees and flowers.

4. Flower it- imagine playing holi with flowers this time. There’s music everywhere,
dancing, people having fun and only the scent of the colourful flowers surrounding
us! Many places in India still celebrate holi this way and it truly is a beautiful sight.
Playing with flowers utilised mainly for holi can even help you with forming harmless
water colours to use while also taking care of your skin.

5. Burn environment friendly waste for the bonfire- To commence your celebration in an eco-friendly avoid using wood, instead using scraps like waste boxes, cow-dung and
coconut waste can help you save a tree.

6. Stop using irrelevant materials to celebrate holi- Yes, holi is a festival of colours but
that doesn’t make it right to use inappropriate colours like oil paints, mud, eggs and
other such materials on others. These can severely hurt, damage health and

Celebrating Holi by adapting these methods won’t affect the fun in the festival, instead they help enhance the celebrations and minimize any complications.

So why not celebrate holi the organic way? We say let’s play!

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