We sure have heard of “The Guy Code” more times than we can recall, agreed? It’s been made such a big deal out of by the opposite gender…but hey! What about our ‘Girl Code’?

To begin with, Girl Code is all about sticking with one another through thick and thin. Be it a heart- break, going shopping, a wardrobe malfunction, borrowing things or even just being together doing nothing. We stand by each other, and we do it in style. It’s just what we do! There isn’t an exact year to pinpoint when the code was founded but we are certain of the reason of its existence.

The sisterhood between us beautiful women encourages these unspoken rules because
it reminds us to enable one another’s growth with each passing day.
We are taught to love and accept regardless of imperfections. But with the world demanding constant validation we tend to get quite competitive, thus forgetting to be there for each other.

Did you know that trees, plants and flowers grow better than expected when given love and nourished well?!! Likewise, humans tend to excel in things they choose to do when they arent belittled. A little boost of confidence or simple words of appreciation and genuine compliments uplift a person more than we realize.

Learning and growing are part and parcel of life in general and when we stand up for each other we are creating a platform to doing just that.

A few other rules from our Girl Code talks about things like never backstabbing another, instead having a healthy confrontation and forgiving each other to help sort issues out.
Being honest with each other in matters trivial or major, actually caring about things concerning your friends and giving the right guidance when needed.

Girl Power is great when made use of in the right way and protecting one another even in absence is what true sisterhood is about.
So it only makes sense to take note of these unspoken rules and be true in a world that could be cruel and unforgiving.
Don’t you think?!

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