10 Things to do with the #Gsquad

Tired of the usual things to do with your Gsquad? Here are 10 interesting things you can do with the girls for a healthy mind and body.

First on the list- a healthy workout followed by brunch! Working out with friends who are like- minded is a great way to de-stress your mind and get the blood flowing. Through exercise you are bound to help each other and feel more connected than before.
Head to brunch afterwards for a nutritious meal to keep the positivity flowing. Workouts release endorphins which trigger the “happy feeling” and doing both these things with your girlfriends is sure to keep you smiling through the day.

Take a hike

Hiking is an awesome way to get connected with nature and have those quiet talks away from all the hustle. It helps you clear your head; calm you mind and rejuvenate in just one day. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never hiked before; choosing a trail that comes easy to all of you would work best.

Plan a potluck dinner party & movie

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, they hadn’t figured then that it’s us girls who really love eating! Organizing a potluck dinner can be a big serving of fun.
Especially since you get to cook your favorite food and binge watch a movie that you
all love.

Spa day! Why not?

Us women work too hard through the week to not deserve a relaxing spa day. Customize your day to fit each of your interests and feel recharged overnight.

Shop till you drop of course

Going shopping with the girls is the best way to get in with the new and
out with the old. If you want an honest opinion on what you should and shouldn’t wear, there’s no other way than to gather the gang.
Who doesn’t like games right? Be it video games, board games or any other kind of game, they’re literally the best way to wake that kid up in you! Get a few games out and watch how the dices roll!

Sing your lungs out going Karaoke

Find a place that rocks the boat and have fun belting out to all your favourite tunes. With no one to judge and no one to care about you matching your notes, all you get is a fun flowing rhythm.

Take a trip

..a trip with the BFFs screams loads of entertainment and laughter throughout. Explore a
new place or drive down the nostalgic lane, either way nothing beats some much needed quality time.

We all know how women love dancing, we might be shy or open about it but there sure isn’t anything more scandalizing than planning a night in and dancing like no one’s watching!

And last but not the least…a heartfelt letter of appreciation. All of you could write letters reminding each other of the reasons why you’ll are so awesome! More than often we forget how valuable each of us are and what makes us stand out. With mostly imperfections etched in our minds it’s a great way to reflect back upon the letters in the future when moods are low.

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